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Builders Since 1917
Albert Garlatti Construction Company is a pioneer in the field of Construction Management. The underlying philosophy is to provide
the owner with construction management that is multi-faceted and well-versed in all areas of building management from concept
to completion. The construction Managers role can take many forms. Albert Garlatti Construction Company provides sound
construction management whether it be advice in the pre-construction phase, or a firm hand for effective cost-control, or advice on
a contract bid list or bid analysis, or even development specifications, or organizing performance bonds. Our estimating services can
be pivotal in your planning process through early cost information, and our value engineering can highlight cost, energy efficiency
and other options. We can identify items which need a long lead time, thus preventing untimely delays in completion of your project.
The Company management team is drawing on 70 years of experience in all phases of construction. It is the specialized needs of the
client that we seek to serve, and each project is individually negotiated.
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Metuchen, NJ
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